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What a fun little family! Clearwater | Tampa | St Petersburg

I met this little girl when she was just a few days old! and watched her grow up through my lens, she is turning into this smart, beautiful and fun little girl, I loved seeing her again! not to mention that now she is a Big Sis to brother Zack, and he was just so awesome for his session, it was COLD for Florida!!! but we had a super fun session!




Now offering limited sessions!

Hello friends! After a high demand during the last few months, I decided to offer a little something! For those of you wanting Newborn Sessions, I will be doing Lifestyle Newborn sessions, only taking a few clients per month, what does this mean? I will travel to your home, to photograph your beautiful new baby, and capture those very special moments and the bond between baby and the rest of the family, I will also be booking child sessions at different outdoor locations.

I am very excited to be able to do this, if you guys are interested or have ANY questions or want more details please email me at

Thank you for being so supportive!!





2016 plans!

I have been receiving SO MANY emails from past and new clients, asking me when I will be back in business! Well I don’t have a set date, I know that for the rest of 2015 I will not be taking sessions :(, you guys have no idea how much I miss working with my little clients, I WANT to come back and share my passion with everyone once again! but as you all know I am a busy mommy of 4 beautiful kids, and right now my focus is on them, once I have all 4 in school, which will be next year, I am thinking of going back to photography part time, because it truly makes my heart happy, so keep in touch!

On another note, my website has been “stolen” so now its .net, I plan on re-doing my website and everything else when I get back to things! so hopefully my name will pop up for everyone to find me.

Stay beautiful and please keep in touch!







Taking a little time off…

Every since my son was born in 2006 I started with this photography journey, taking baby steps I took as much in as I could, workshops, school, courses, endless hours of education online and a lot of practice, which made me the photographer I am today. I know my heart is with newborns and children, and my passion will never die.

About 4 years ago I got serious with my business, and since I started it took off like I never thought it would, I honestly started doing this as a “hobby” because I am so passionate about it that it gave me such JOY to photograph babies and kids, to watch their little eyes glow and their faces filled with smiles, and to be able to capture this moments for parents is the biggest reward ever, life goes by too quickly and I know for myself I want to remember it all forever! But as I got busier and busier it became a part time job, which I am very happy about! but it started taking more time from my family than I thought, I spend every night sitting infront of the computer editing galleries, because I dont edit during the day while my kids are home, I have 4 kids 🙂 3 of them in school and 1 is home with me, so I try and do all the editing at night, dont get me wrong I love working on the computer because its where I see my art, its where I create the final product and vision I had since before the session even started, nights were getting longer and longer, and this is also the time where I NEED to hang out with my husband, he works SO HARD and it just didnt feel right to not be able to hang out together after our long days.

My biggest dream came true with the support of my family 18 months ago when I opened my own studio, I have beautiful memories of photographing so many clients there. My lease was up recently, and I had to make a choice of continuing for another 18 months or walking away.

I thought about it, for many many weeks, and with a little sadness I made a decision of taking a break from my business. I want to focus on my kids more, I want to be able to help them more with homework, I want to drive them to the activities they love doing and watch them grow and smile with every achievement they have, and I dont want to feel bad about all the work I have sitting at home, or if I can get a sitter for my next session, and I want my late nights to be on the couch enjoying a movie with my family, or riding our bikes outside, or just being silly, all the little moments do matter and soon they will be all grown up and I wont be the same anymore.

For all the clients that have already booked sessions with me, dont worry I will finish your sessions! but for all new clients inquiring I will no longer be booking sessions, I dont know when I will get back to it, but when I do I am sure my name will start popping back out there ;), and no, I am NOT putting my camera down, I am already enjoying watching my kids through the lens, this is why I started, and being so busy left me with little to no energy to photograph my most precious gifts.

I THANK YOU all for the wonderful support I received during this journey, I met amazing people along the way and I will never forget all the ones that lend me a hand when I needed it. I LOVE YOU ALL and I will miss seeing lots of those babies grow!!!




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